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Tommy Le, Vice President, SimplifiTommy Le, Vice President
Having real-time connectivity to the internet, cloud infrastructure and applications has become a vital requirement for individuals and organizations alike, especially in our mobile era. Though there are a lot of companies that promise seamless connectivity, they fail to impress due to implementation and configuration complexities. With a mission to make powerful and complex networking and communications solutions simple and accessible to all, Simplifi, a Florida-based company with offices in San Diego, Detroit, Mexico City and Buenos Aires is changing the way organizations function and for the better. Simplifi delivers two groundbreaking products: the SimplifiRouter, a plug and play enterprise grade LTE enabled smart hub, and SimplifiCloud, a communications platform that pairs UCaaS with IoT control features.

Unlike Any Router in the Market

Simplifi’s unique approach to making enterprise grade tools easy to use solves five of the greatest challenges to providing connectivity (whether primary and/or failover) for organizations. Its remote management platform allows an administrator to monitor, manage and troubleshoot the network from any location regardless of on-site technical skill, reducing truck rolls. It has the capability and high-end routing stack of traditional enterprise grade routers, yet its relatively low total cost of ownership (purchase, deployment and maintenance) makes Simplifi more affordable than its competitors. Simplifi’s set-up speed (minutes) allows organizations to deploy hundreds a day if needed. And Simplifi’s ease of use ensures its high-end capability is accessible by all. “We are providing great routing and business solutions with an aim to make everything simple for the end user, from an adoption standpoint,” states Nick Shevillo, CEO at Simplifi. “Most people don’t understand networking, routing or how cellular failover works, they just want the internet-dependent tools that they need to be effective at home and at work to function, to be safe to use and to operate without interruption due to landline outages. We make high-end technology to support that but we do it in a way that’s as easy to deploy as plugging in a Glade air freshener,” says Shevillo.

Connection is Just the Beginning

Simplifi’s motto is connect, protect, control. As anyone familiar with networking knows, establishing an internet connection is just the start. Simplifi’s LTE router not only offers the ability to set up a network anywhere there’s cellular signal in seconds but it also offers three times the range, 32 concurrent users, and speed over the traditional hotspots plus a suite of powerful tools that allow users to manage their network. Simplifi provides both a native app and an administrative dashboard enabling users to control their network and smart devices from anywhere; this includes receiving notifications and alerts on the health of their devices and data usage. Other key benefits of Simplifi include the ability to view, edit, and manage the devices’ settings, renaming networks or resetting easily, and remotely troubleshooting and rebooting the device. Simplifi’s captive portal creates branding/ advertising and data collection opportunities as well. And Simplifi’s policy-based routing, an SD-WAN capability, allows the users to determine which data is transferred over cellular and landline and set parameters such as white-listing and black-listing sites accessed via the device.

We are providing great routing and business solutions with an aim to make everything simple for the end user, from an adoption standpoint

Simplifi’s deep feature stack and ease of use makes it an ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations or enterprise level organization’s with units that operate like SMBs yet require central control.

How it All Started?

“Simplifi’s roots are in making powerful solutions Simple,” Shevillo mentions, “When we entered the hardware space we saw the growing need for safe, managed connections that could travel anywhere and an industry that was prime for disruption.”

Connecting Mexican Schools

Simplifi recently won a large contract to help bring internet to thousands of Mexican Schools. The program is called Mexico Connectado and currently 12,500 Simplifis have been deployed in areas where internet service is in dire need and yet incredibly hard to effectively support. “Winning this contract was an excellent example of how necessary and disruptive our product is,” says Shevillo. “The kids need the internet to learn but they didn’t have it because of a host of challenges. We were competing against legacy players in the space. With our new and innovative approach to making powerful networking tools simple to set up, we were able to deploy much faster and at much lower total cost.”

Expanding its Expertise into Unified Communication

Simplifi offers SimplifiCloud, a communications platform that pairs UCaaS with IoT control features that is currently deployed in the US and over ten Countries in LATAM. SimplifiCloud can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. The base product in SimplifiCloud is its virtual PBX, which expands, improves and reduces the cost of telephone systems in businesses. Like all Simplifi products, SimplifiCloud is Enterprise grade but made to be simple and effective. An example of this is SimplifiCloud’s unique Owner Dashboard, which pulls forward key data and KPIs of a telephone system enabling a business owner or manager to monitor how the business communicates in real time. Within the dashboard an owner can quickly see how many calls are going in or out of the business, how fast the phones are being answered, what the drop rate is and how teams (for example sales) are performing. Shevillo notes, “We built the dashboard to help a business owner turn a telephone system from something that previously enabled communication into a tool to help drive up their bottom line and improve performance across teams.”

SimplifiCloud’s base PBX features run deep and additional modules can be added to the base system such as tools designed for phone-based polling and surveys, contact centers, hotels, vacation rental property managers and for monitoring and managing IoT devices— especially those that interface with communications systems—such as door locks, lights, and sensors. The system comes along with an entirely managed service with Firewall included and is sold as a service.

The Road Ahead

Simplifi Router has come a long way since its inception in 2015 and riding the path of innovation the firm will soon launch a new hardware product in the next twelve months, and has a strong 5G strategy and will be expanding its cloud offering as new feature sets come out. Simplifi is also expanding its footprint in North America and LATAM and will soon be opening offices in South East Asia.
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Naples, FL

Tommy Le, Vice President

Simplifi is an industry leader that focuses on sophisticated connectivity and their scalability, extensibility, and compatibility, with goods and services. Simplifi offers simple to use instruments and interfaces for every business, combining cell communication and enterprise-level cloud software. The goal of Simplifi is to release the future with the full-speed use of LTE and Wifi techniques. Simplifi's main office is in San Diego, Detroit, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires and has branches in Naples, Florida. The Simplifi mobile network is perfect for portable, company, farm, and RV/home and shipping industries