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Mehmet Akcin, Founder & CEO, EdgeUnoMehmet Akcin, Founder & CEO The networking industry faces teething problems as they struggle with cloud infrastructure challenges. Despite the technology influx, network designs and support strategies need to be adjusted to improve the internet infrastructure experience. High-performance and low-latency enterprise network resources are gathering momentum, as pervasive computing trends such as cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) rise in adoption. Any downtime in the IT infrastructure leads to a huge loss in productivity and ultimately affects the revenue. Infrastructure planning and procurement services for networks as well as data centers, thus become a necessity for enterprises to slash operational expenditure, accelerate enterprise network agility, and improve overall flexibility. Perfectly poised to address these challenges is EdgeUno, with its network and data center consulting services. EdgeUno is dedicated to improving the internet infrastructure experience for companies by changing the overall approach towards the network, data center and infrastructure architecture, strategic sourcing, and engineering. EdgeUno not only enables enterprises the ability to offer competitive prices, while also improving their process of acquiring network and data center assets. It allows companies to market more cost-effectively and at a faster pace. EdgeUno expert team with more than 25 years of combined engineering and sourcing experience makes it a key asset in the market.

The Inception

“Just because the solution to a problem already exists, doesn’t mean that it is the best way to solve it,” states Mehmet Akcin. Mehmet Akcin is an entrepreneur, technology management expert, and network consultant based in Los Angeles, California. Today, he serves as the founder and CEO, as well as the principal consultant, at EdgeUno, Inc. The company was founded on the experience he gathered throughout the span of his diverse career. Mehmet had the opportunity to work with a wide range of customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, as well as globally recognized brands such as Yahoo, and Verizon. With a life-long passion for the IT industry and a focus on the latest technologies and innovation, Mehmet inspires others and serves as a true role model for them, as he named his company after one of his own. The idea of a seamless interaction experience with high bandwidth would not have been possible without the invention of fiber optics by Dr.Narinder Singh Kapany, famously known as the “Father of Fiber Optics.”

Just because the solution to a problem already exists, doesn’t mean that it is the best way to solve it

“When I started learning more about Dr. Kapany and his story, I decided to name my company after him. The aim was to acknowledge not just his contribution but of all the unsung heroes in our industry who are responsible for building critical life-changing internet infrastructure,” explains Akcin.

Through its diverse portfolio of services, EdgeUno focus is on assisting companies seeking to increase their network presence. With its Infrastructure Planning and Procurement as a Service, EdgeUno expert team assists companies in designing data centers and network infrastructure right from the blueprint, all the way to execution. EdgeUno conducts audits for data centers and networks and assists the companies with network architecture, network planning, and strategic sourcing as a service. It also helps companies with market pricing for colocation, transit, backbone, dark fiber, and other services available in the fastest and most cost-effective way. “It is not just the saving costs part that makes us different, but it is our overall approach towards contractual improvement. We make sure that the contract the company has is powerful and balanced,” asserts Akcin.

From the product development side, EdgeUno helps telecom and data center companies create new products or improve existing products related to peering, IP transit, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Internet exchange services. EdgeUno team goes to the market and conducts anonymous research for the new entrant company without disclosing its identity, to help them get the most competitive price. Moreover, EdgeUno assists companies with Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) during acquisitions by performing all the due diligence work for identifying the real value of the concerned company from the business and technical standpoint. Whether it is peering in a region where the incumbent is not willing to negotiate or figuring out a reliable data center provider, EdgeUno does it all.

One of the company’s key differentiating factors is its training program—Optics of Selling, the brainchild of Mehmet Akcin—that helps executive teams at telecom and data center companies improve their effectiveness. Currently pursuing his MS at Columbia University, Akcin had attended a five months executive education-training program on negotiations and leadership at Harvard.
Akcin explains that his prior experience of being an executive in other companies has helped him understand the pain points of enterprises better and how can he focus on resolving those effectively. Optics of Selling gave Akcin an understanding of the different aspects of negotiations with various people in varied businesses. To help companies figure out the mistakes they make while approaching a customer, Akcin, with his team, started Optics of Selling. The program helps companies choose the best IP transit provider and avoid the generic mistake of buying any transit service from a provider who does not peer well locally. The course provides telecom experts with honest, open, and constructive feedback to help them build better client relationships. EdgeUno has worked with telecom executives in cities such as Milan, San Francisco, Boston, and New York City to help them better understand the sales process from the buyer’s perspective.

The Game Changer: Addressing Every Concern around Enterprise Networking

Over the last few years, the enterprise networking landscape has witnessed a shift in the data center and network ownership from telecom providers to private entities. Digital transformation has been a crucial factor in this shift resulting in much more aggressive and faster to go-to-market opportunities for the companies. However, for enterprises with slow enterprise processes, the biggest pain point is the less competitive price points. EdgeUno aim is to help companies that require cloud computing due to their data center and network space but fail to deal with the cost of the cloud. EdgeUno has a global presence and offers services to various industries, including banking, shipping, energy companies, and the satellite industry. With its expert team, focused on managing web-scale network infrastructure, including backbone, interconnection, network pops, and CDN, EdgeUno has provided architecture and source in more than 100 countries, 500 data centers and 250 carriers.

Steering ahead, EdgeUno plans to expand footprint into new markets and acquire more financing while adding more services. “I also have some technological ideas regarding internet acceleration and network security, and hopefully, we will be able to patent those ideas and turn them into products. Our aim is to help companies go to market faster, easier, and cheaper. We do that by helping them become more efficient in terms of pricing, legal, and operational efficiency,” states Akcin.
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Mehmet Akcin, Founder & CEO and Mehmet Akcin, Founder & CEO

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