Cloudnexion: Simplifying Telecom Infrastructure Sourcing for Enterprises

Cloudnexion: Simplifying Telecom Infrastructure Sourcing for Enterprises

Jake A. Cummins, Founder and CEO, CloudnexionJake A. Cummins, Founder and CEO
The technology landscape has changed rapidly with the evolving needs of businesses in the past few years. Organizations of all sizes have been adopting newest technologies to ensure overall operational efficiency, and in such a scenario, it’s essential for them to opt for the right network services to support their overall IT objectives. “They need to buy the right services and solutions to power their businesses and drive them forward,” agrees Jake A. Cummins, the founder and CEO of Cloudnexion.

Oftentimes, enterprises are not completely aware of the latest trends and innovations in the networking space, and hence lag behind when it comes to ensuring network efficiency. They also struggle with finding answers to questions such as ‘what to buy’ and ‘whether the solutions they are buying are suitable or not.’ To answer all such questions, Cummins—with over a decade of experience in the telecommunication sector— started Cloudnexion, a consulting business. The company assists buyers in availing the necessary solutions along with providing the post-sales support, leveraging its partnerships with the solution providers and carriers. The company partners with the leading technology vendors to make the latest technologies and solutions available to its clients.

Cloudnexion works with the vision to boost its clients’ productivity, significantly lower the costs of investment, and improve their ROI. “We ensure the clients of best pricing as well as suitable terms and conditions when they purchase a solution or product through us,” adds Cummins.

We know the market globally when it comes to sourcing and implementing various networking solutions

The company maintains an extensive network of technology providers and carriers including data center, network, SaaS, and cloud companies, and holds an impressive track of serving enterprises of all sizes along with fortune 100 companies. The company works closely with its clients, beginning with analyzing their challenges and pain points. Thereafter, the company develops the right strategy and handholds its customers through every step of the purchase, right from negotiation to installation, and after-sales support. “We know the market globally when it comes to sourcing and implementing various networking solutions. We stick with our customers and handle every intricate aspect of their project management,” says Cummins. Cloudnexion also makes sure that their customers receive adequate assistance in the event of business downtime in order to ensure that the infrastructure continues to be protected. In one of its client associations, Cloudnexion assisted a firm in ramping up over two terabytes of IP transit capacity around the world and simultaneously reduced the marginal cost by almost 60 percent. The company has managed many such projects that speak volumes for its customer-centric approach.

Cummins expects to add many more projects to its list of accomplishments and sees continuous growth for the business in the near future. The company is working on several initiatives to better serve its customers. One of these is the ongoing expansion of its team of account managers, global sales consultants, and project contractors. Cloudnexion is also implementing a SaaS-based network service inventory management platform to enable the clients to manage their network services through a single pane of glass by logging in from any device. Additionally, Cloudnexion is planning to develop a virtual network operator standard where the company will bill and support all the customers’ services directly. “This will help us in monitoring and management of the service, and will also enable us to provide one call for all telecommunication circuits and network infrastructures globally,” concludes Cummins.